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Ashanti Interviews Ex Boyfriend Nelly On Fuse TV


Ashanti is still grinding to the wheels fall off. With a new album hitting shelves soon, starring in this season of Army Wives and as executive producer and anchor woman at Fuse News Ashanti is on her #PrettyHustle.

This week n Fuse News Ashanti had to interview her ex boyfriend Nelly who she JUST got out of a long term relationship with. During the interview the two talked about how Nelly’s music as well as how he has grown as a man since he first entered into the music industry up until now. They also talked about Nelly’s tattoos and what he looks for in a woman.

The interview was very professional and Ashanti kept it classy. I wonder how hard it was for the two to be put in a situation like that !

Seems like Ashanti wasn’t the only one who found herself interviewing her ex, earlier this week Ciara stopped by 106 & Park to premier her video Body Party where she was interviewed by her ex and host of the show Lil Bow Wow.

Watch the interview below

Kelly Rowland Lands In People’s Most Beautiful People List


Kelly Rowland was not always comfortable in her own skin. She told “I went through a period where I didn’t embrace just being a chocolate, lovely brown-skinned girl.” In efforts to show how much more comfortable Kelly Rowland is now, she recently did a photo shoot for People Magazine Most Beautiful People

During the photo shoot Kelly Rowland revealed how she felt when she was asked to do the spread.

The first thing that popped in my head when I was asked to be a part of People’s No Make Up [shoot] was , “Oh My God! Oh my god what’s going to happen! Oh my God I’m honored” but I’m very happy.  I feel very comfortable in my skin and very comfortable to share it with you guys. When I’m not working, my preference is no make up.  I like for my skin to breathe because I do wear make up a lot, so I think it’s necessary to be au naturel.

What I don’t love about my face that gets covered by make up is my bags when I’m really really tired, but I love that make up does the trick.

When I don’t have make up on, I feel clean. I feel really really clean.

Others who made the list included Pink, Kerry Washington, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow. Be sure to be on the lookout for Kelly Rowland’s new album Talk A Good Game due out in June

Rihanna Responds To Ciara


Is it me or do ya’ll wish Ciara would just stop answering and acknowledging ALL interview questions pertaining to Rihanna?

This is about the 50th time Rihanna and Ciara have gotten into it via social networking. One of Rih’s loyal fans tagged Riri in a screen shot on Instagram from Ciara’s recent interview with San Francisco Wild 94.9 radio station which lead Rihanna to go off and respond to Cici.

And I gotta agree with Rihanna on this why does Ciara keep responding to these interview questions about her instead of promoting her new album ? DO YOU BOO BOO, with a hot new single out and a new man along with a forthcoming album Ciara should be flipping her lace front and getting to the money.

Peep the Instagram picture below


Essences Atkins Is Not Here For The Kim K Experiment


Seems as though, Kim Kardashian cant get a break. With the public coming for her boyfriend Kanye West on being an absentee for most of Kim’s pregnancy and with Kim’s divorce being finalized after a 2 year long battle and now with naysayers STILL frowning upon Kim’s acting career in Tyler Perry’s movie Temptation the soon to be mom just cant seem to get a break.

When Tyler Perry first announced that Kim K was going to be starring in his film Temptation fans of Perry’s immediately announced their annoyance. Most people could not understand why out of all people her and STILL people are wondering why her.

Essence Atkins recently sat down with Sister2Sister magazine ad voiced her opinion on how she felt about Kim in the film. Needless to say Atkins was one of the many unhappy campers.

“I found it interesting that Tyler did that with Temptation, hiring Kim Kardashian because she has 16 million Twitter followers, which would seem like a brilliant marketing plan,” Essence told Sister 2 Sister. “He has one of the biggest Twitter personalities out there in his movies, and he had one of the worst box office weekends.”

“It’s not a failure, but it did worse than his movies usually do just based on him,” clarified Essence. “I thought that was an interesting finding. You’re experiment didn’t work.”

“People want to see good stories. It’s not necessarily that they want to see Kim Kardashian in a movie. They want to see her in a bikini. They want to see her with Kanye [West]. They want to see her on her show talking about her life with her sisters, but that doesn’t mean that they want to see her in a movie,” she said. “The fact that people want to see their lives and the volatility of that…. I don’t’ think that it translates at all.”

I still have yet to see the film, although I intend to do so in the upcoming weeks, however I highly doubt Tyler Perry used Kim K to lure in money or to attract an crowd considering most if not all of his movies do pretty well however maybe he was trying to attract an particular audience to come see his films. Thoughts ?

Nicki Minaj’s MAC Viva Glam Lipstick Is Best Selling Of All Time


Its safe to say Nicki Minaj is Still slaying these other female one by one and snatching lace fronts by the bundles. Nicki took her Twitter today to announce that her lipstick Viva La Glam is the #1 selling lipstick of all time out by MAC.

As a reminder in case you have forgot Nicki first launched her Pink Friday lipstick November 2010 as soon as her debut album dropped. In February of this year she then launched her second lipstick entitled “Lavender Is The New Pink.”

And yes ! Mac donates 100% of the proceeds of Viva La Glam profit to helping women, men and children who are affected and living with AIDS/HIV. So support the movement !

I’m excited for Nicki and all of her future endeavors, ya’ll know I am a BIG FAN ! *hair flip*

Congrats Nicki !!


New Music: Alicia Keys Feat Maxwell – Fire We Make


Alicia Keys bring us this sexy, hot and steamy video from her newest song “Fire We Make” which features Maxwell. This is the type of music grown folks listen to.

The setting of the video is set at a boarding house in which AKeys works at along with her momma in New Orleans. Maxwell plays the leading man who is also a guest in the boarding house. Maxwell is a traveling singer who needs a place to crash for the night. As soon as Alicia lays eyes on him she instantly falls in love. The time period is not disclosed but from the visuals and vintage photographs we can guess about the 60’s. Directed by Chris Robinson the two worked with one another before as he directed past videos such as “Fallin”, “Karma” and “Superwoman” to name a few.

Watch the video below