Unsigned Artist Bumpy


Putting Hip Hop back where it originated from is the goal of this Harlem native. Being on the nitty gritty streets of New York has giving Bumpy the opportunity to use his talent to make music that is relatable as well as taking listeners back to the roots of Hip Hop. His hustle and determination makes his lyrics all the more believable. Leaving the streets behind, to build an empire as well as a family, Bumpy puts his pain and struggles into his music. He represents those streets with a towel of perfection because of his love for the game, and whether on the mic or off his style lets you know the game is his.

Shane Jackson also known as Bumpy was born in Harlem, New York and from day one had found a love for music. Bumpy started putting the pen to the paper at an early age of 17 where he began rapping in his basement working with several producers and other artist. From doing shows to mix-tapes he is definitely versatile, diverse and brings strong delivery on the mic.

Bumpy’s mix-tapes to name a few have included, “Street Life Volume 1 and 2“, “Clear View“, “YG’s On Deck“, “No Breaks” and “Still Grinding.” His latest project “The Koldest Winter Ever” recently dropped and with already 63,659 downloads the mix tape is the top listened to mixtapes of the month. Bumpy is currently working on his newest mix-tape entitled “Spring Fling,” which will be dropping later this month.

Bumpy’s grind for success doesn’t just mean being the “illest” rapper alive, but to touch as many people with his music as he can. I’m sure Bumpy is a name we will be seeing in the near future, but for now checkout his mix-tape “The Koldest Winter Ever” by clicking on the mix-tape photo below.

You can follow Bumpy on Twitter @Bumpy103




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