Love And Hip Hop New York Reunion Part 2




Did you miss Love and Hip Hop New York Reunion Part 2 last night ? Yup ! You can catch it here.

Last night the season came to an end, with its last part of the reunion. In all honesty it could have been 1 reunion 1 hour special and called it a night, but hey who am I to judge.

From last night’s episode we learned that both Joe Budden and Rich Dollaz had nude photos of them leaked on the internet. Both men’s genitals were supposedly photoshopped to appear smaller. Joe Budden claims the picture of him was in fact photoshopped from the waist down, neither Tahiry or Kaylin confirmed if that was true or false while Erica Mena blatantly stated it was Rich Dollaz and nothing was photoshopped about the picture.

As I said Mona could have kept the reunion to a 1 part special and kept it pushing, the highlight of the show was the fight between Consequence and Joe Budden and let’s not forget Tahiry snuffing Consequence in the face for her man.

But anyway . . check it all out here Click to view full episode 



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