Month: May 2013

Wendy Williams Shows Off Weight Loss


If you’ve noticed something noticeably different about daytime talk show host Wendy Williams you eyes were not playing tricks, the Queen of gossip has shredded 20lbs over the last few months with changing her eating habits and exercise.

Wendy discussed in her interview with OK magazine what she eats to maintain her weight, how she lost the weight and tips for busy moms who cant hit the gym as often as they would like.

On how much weight she lost
I lost 20 lbs and I lost the weight by doing a little bit of modification to my everyday lifestyle including diet and exercise. I go to the gym and work out with a trainer for one hour, twice a week. I don’t work out anymore than I used to. I incorporate Pilates into my workout now, which I’ve been doing all along also.

On what she eats to maintain her weight
I’ve modified some of the things in my diet. My drink of choice has always been water, I put a little Crystal Light in it. I still treat myself to a little Diet soda every now and again. I don’t include any cheese in my diet. Cheese is my weakness. My favorite snack is cheese and crackers. They are a ‘sometimes thing’, not an ‘every day thing’. I also love my trainer who has a private studio so I can let myself go when I’m with her.

I’ve substituted a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard to just all mayonnaise in things like tuna fish. I also remove the top bun whenever I’m eating something. Whether it’s a burger…always take off the top bun or I’ll wrap it in the full lettuce. I no longer use salad dressing where I drench my salad in dressing. Because even diet dressing isn’t good for you. Now I always keep red wine vinegar around and I don’t need the oil part. I pour the vinegar on the salad with only a little bit of salad dressing. I eat the same thing for breakfast every single day. Egg whites and green peppers and I like them crunchy.

On whether she finds it challenging to maintain her current weight
I’m 48-years-old and I’m preparing myself for my 50th birthday. I’ve always heard that when you hit these milestone birthdays, there’s one of two ways that people act. They either get really depressed or really happy with where they are in life. I’ve been very happy with my personal life and my career life. I maintain it by other people’s encouragement of my body. I want to look HOT at 50! I allow myself treats without over-indulging.

On advice for busy moms
There are exercises that you can do without going to the gym. For instance, you can do chair dips at the office. You must make time to do these things and put them in your schedule. It’s a must!
Catch the video below for Wendy’s weight loss tips

Kelly Rowland Talk A Good Game


Hands down Kelly Rowland is by the far one of the sexiest celebrities in 2013. On her new album cover Kelly Rowland is showing lots of skin and a tasteful view of her girls !

Last month Kelly Rowland revealed that there will be a Destiny Child track on the album which of course Beyonce and Michelle Williams will be featured on. Productions on the album include Mike Will Made It, Pharell and The Dream.

Album convinces me to make a purchase, Talk A Good Game hits stores June 18th.


Kerry Washington Covers Elle Magazine

washingtonKerry Washington’s is not only making history on prime time television with her role on ABC’s hit show scandal, but shes is also making history on magazine covers. The actress is seen on Elle magazine’s June 2013 issue sporting a cardigan and plaid shorts by Marc Jacobs and a Carine Gilson Lingerie Couture bra which happens to be her first major fashion magazine cover.

Before her acting career began Kerry thought she would pursue a career as a “clinical psychologist.” She dubs herself the luckiest broad in Hollywood

“I’m the luckiest broad in Hollywood now,” she describes. “To be the lead actor on ‘Scandal’ and to be in the highest-earning [Quentin] Tarantino movie — I don’t get to ask for more.”

During the interview Kerry Washington discusses how she primps for the red carpet, how she thought she would never been a model of film actress, her career and more check out some excerpts from the interview and photos below

On her current success: “I’m the luckiest broad in Hollywood now. To be the lead actor on Scandal and to be in the highest-earning Tarantino movie- I don’t get to ask for more.”

On getting red-carpet ready: “I found out I enjoy the process. All these people show up at my house, they all have kits, someone has dresses. And it’s like, Let’s have fun. It’s not all about me. We’re able to create stories on the red carpet.”

On the career Washington thought she’d pursue: “I imagined I’d be a clinical psychologist, with a focus on how performance shapes identity. I’d figure out ways to use role-playing in the healing of people.”

Magazine hits newsstands May 21

New Music: Tamar Braxton The One


Tamar Braxton has officially released her second single The One in which she teased her fans with last year. On the track she samples Mtume’s Juicy Fruit which also Biggie has used on his track Juicy.

When I first heard the song it reminded me of high school love in the 80’s. The song is just in time for the summer and probably will be every female’s summer anthem.  Tamar’s debut album Love and War is due out later this year and Tamar and Vince are also expecting their first child pretty soon.

Listen to the track below

MET Punk Gala 2013


Several nights ago every celebrity, athlete, actor and actress came out to hit the red carpet of the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that happens annually. This years theme was “PUNK: Chaos To Couture and boy were some of the looks chosen for the night pure CHAOS !

Best Dressed I was torn between my girl Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez but hands down from top to bottom I think JLo killed the red carpet in her Michael Kors gown and worse dressed well you be the judge !

Peep the pics below

Lauryn Hill Sentenced To 3 Months In Jail


After dodging the slammer the first go round and despite all the talk of signing a major record deal with Sony in efforts to pay off her $970,000 tax debt before the deadline, Lauryn Hill was sentenced earlier this week to 3 months behind bars.

Not only was she given 3 months in federal prison but also an additional 3 months of house arrest and 9 months of supervision. Although her attorney asked the judge for a lesser punishment because of all her charity work and 6 children, the judge was not trying to hear any of that.

The day before her sentence hearing, Lauryn Hill had paid back the $900,000 she owed hoping that everything was good to go before she had to face the judge. Unfortunately it was not enough.

She is ordered to surrender July 8.