Month: June 2013

Rihanna Goes Off On British Journalist


By now I think EVERYONE knows the Rihanna gives ZERO f-cks and by now you all may know that if you come at Rihanna sideways she going to respond. Yesterday British journalist Liz Jones released an article about Riri with a long article title of Pop’s Poisonous Princess: Glorying in drugs, guns and sleaze, Rihanna’s toxic role model for her army of young fans. In the article Liz writes about how she has ran into Rihanna on several occasions where she was taking back by he amount of cleavage Rihanna showed along with her poor choice of tattoos. Liz even went as far as saying Rihanna is a bad influence among her younger fan base and how she is the poster child for every female that has went back to an abusive relationship.

It didn’t take long before word got back to Rihanna where she found the most unflattering picture of Liz and went in on the journalist.

LOL!!!! My money got a bad habit of pissing people off!! If you sincerely wanna help little girls more than their own parents do, here’s a toxic tip: don’t be amateur with your articles, you sound bitter! What’s all this about hair and nails and costumes and tattoos?? ….That shit ain’t clever!!! That shit ain’t journalism! That’s a sad sloppy menopausal mess!!! Nobody over here acts like they’re perfect! I don’t pretend that I’m like you, i just live… My life!! And I don’t know why y’all still act so surprised by any of it!! “Role Model” is not a position or title that I have ever campaigned for, so chill wit dat! I got my own fucked up shit to work on, I’ll never portray that as perfect, but for right now it’s ME!! Call it what ya want!! Toxic was cute, Poisonous Pop Princess had a nice ring to it, just a lil wordy! And P.S. my first American Vogue cover was in 2011…APRIL!!! #ElizabethAnnJones


Read Liz’s full article here and post your thoughts below. Does she have a point ? Or was Rihanna in her feelings ?


Chris Brown Accused of Assault At Heat Ultra Lounge



Over the weekend a party-goer by the name of Deanna Gines, accused singer Chris Brown of deliberately pushing her to the ground inside Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim Saturday. But allegations against Breezy has been dubbed FALSE ! According to Deanna, she was in the VIP section near Chris where she was shoved tearing ligaments in her leg which will require surgery. However the club owner tells a different story.

“Based on the information which we have gathered from our security company, mall security, and other party goers which were at HEAT on Saturday night; It is apparent that the alleged incident regarding Chris Brown is false

The club owner then proceeded to say to say Gines was seen trying to rush the stage where Brown was performing and later tried to sneak into the roped off area where he was spending time with friends. She was kicked out of the club because of her behavior. Before exiting the club Gines reportedly took of her high heels and threw them at security and fought her way out. The owner claimed, throughout the whole ordeal Breezy was a gentlemen as security and club personnel did what they had to do to diffuse the situation.



There are 3 sides to every store, Deanna’s side, Chris’s side and the the truth. And what is done in the dark will come to light. For Breezy’s sake I hope these accusations are false. SMH !

Do you think she’s telling the truth or trying to get on the come up ?

Beyonce Adds New Mrs Carter Tour Show Dates




Looks like Hov isn’t the only Carter giving his fans a treat. Mrs Carter (Beyonce) has just announced that she will be adding additional tour dates to her Mrs Carter Show World Tour.  So yes all you Beyhives you’re in luck, the tour was suppose to stop in NYC August 5 but Beyonce has picked it back up kicking it off again September 5 in Fortaleza, Brazil. The tour has been extended until December 20th which will wrap up in Boston, MA.

Check out the tour dates below

Latin America:

Sept. 8 – Fortaleza, Brazil – Arena Castelao
Sept. 11 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Mineirao Stadium
Sept. 13 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Rock In Rio
Sept. 15 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Morumbi Stadium
Sept. 17 – Brasilia, Brazil – Estadio Nacional
Sept. 20 – Caracas, Venezuela – Universidad Simon Bolivar
Sept. 26 – Mexico City, Mexico – Palacio de los Deportes
Sept. 28 – San Juan, Puerto Rico – Coliseo de Puerto Rico

North America:

Nov. 30 – Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena
Dec. 2 – San Jose, CA – HP Pavilion at San Jose
Dec. 3 – Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center
Dec. 6 – Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand Garden Arena
Dec. 7 – Phoenix, AZ – US Airways Center
Dec. 9 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
Dec. 10 – Houston, TX – Toyota Center
Dec. 12 – Louisville, KY – KFC Yum! Center
Dec. 13 – Chicago, IL – United Center
Dec. 14 – St. Louis, MO – Scottrade Center
Dec. 16 – Toronto, ON – Air Canada Centre
Dec. 18 – Washington DC – Verizon Center
Dec. 19 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center
Dec. 20 – Boston, MA – TD Garden

Lil Mama Says She Wants Nicki Minaj To Embrace Female Rappers




Seems like 2013 might just be Lil Mama’s year. With her role in the TLC upcoming biopic and new reality TV show Hip Hop Sisters Lil Mama is doing her thang !

In efforts to promote both the film and reality show Lil Mama sat down with The Hollie Wood & Friends Show on Blogtalk Radio. During the interview Lil Mama discussed auditioning for the film and how she got the part as well as MC Lyte serving as her mentor and of course she talked about other females rappers in the game.

Here are some excerpts from the interview

How did the Left-Eye role come about?
I definitely had to audition, I heard about it through my uncle when I came back home to NY. He asked if I was going to audition. When he was saying TLC, I’m thinking the channel TLC, ‘like what are you talking about.’

I got in touch with [MC] Lyte but she didn’t really know who was doing it, so she called some people, they called some other people and long story short, my boy Claude Brooks, he hooked me up with casting and then they gave me the run around. I had like three or four auditions but just trying to get into the first one was like trying to get into Madison Square Garden while Jay-Z is performing.

Once I got through the first audition, I could tell they loved me because they called me back to every audition afterwards, which were about three auditions. I just stayed humble; I went through the ropes, read my script. It was one day I read three pages and then the day before they would send me ten more pages then 13 pages and I just had to be ready. I think the key to it all was just being ready. They wanted to know could she be ready. ‘If we are off set and I give her three pages and then I say 13 pages, will she be able to pull it off ?,’ and I was able to pull it off and I was very honored to get that part.

Best advise MC Lyte has giving her: To love my Hip Hop sisters no matter who they are no matter what walk of life they come from …to love people .. no matter their message is everybody has a story and they are coming from a place whether you agree with their story or not it is what it is for them and you gotta learn to love each other for who we are and we will be able to grow as a community.

On Nicki Minaj:It’s a lot of underground women who are trying to break through, but on a mainstream level the only person that I really hear on radio is Nicki Minaj. A lot of times I hear her say, “I do this for women” and “I’m doing this for all of us” while she’s accepting a BET Award, but other than that I don’t see her putting any other women on. I don’t see her on tracks with other women that are current. I don’t see her embracing any other women. I feel like its time for female MC’s to really start sticking together and start putting out some music.


Listen to the rest of the interview below

Drake Covers GQ Magazine Talks Sex, Love and Chris Brown


With a new album in the works Nothing Was The Same, a 41 city tour and his annual OVO fest Drizzy Drake Rogers seemed to find it in his busy schedule to sit down and do an interview with GQ magazine.

Drake discussed relationships and sex as well Chris Brown during the interview.

Peep excerpts from the interview below

On Nothing Was The Same: “This is my fucking moment to say if I wanted to rap all the time, really rap, I would, but I also love to make music. I’ll do this for you right now. But it’s for me, too. It’s my story…I’m trying to get back to that kid in the basement. To say what he has to say. And I’m trying to make it last.”

On love and sex:
“[Will Smith said] It’s not about wanting anymore, you need that person. Hearing that, I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that way…I’ve made a lot of music about love being the only thing I’m missing. I think this is the first album I’ve made saying, ‘I’m okay, I’m enjoying it right now.’ Maybe this is my time to grind it out, make a run for it, and add some memories with my boys.”

You know the way fighters don’t fuck before the fight? Sometimes I feel like I’m so focused on training my body and getting my mind right to create this album that sex isn’t one of my main priorities. If someone is around that I know and trust, I’m down. But I’m not going to end up with some stranger at this party

On “Started From The Bottom”:
“I think a lot of people wish their favorite rapper wrote it—as if a song like that should be gangster—but I was the one who wrote it, and everyone has their bottom.”

“As for my whole story, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve told bits and pieces of it—and I’ll tell more. Maybe because I had friends who grew up in the hood, I could have acted like I had, too, and perpetrated a different lifestyle, and it would be eating away at me because it wouldn’t be the truth. I’m actually here in front of you living the truth. I wake up in the morning and my heart is light, man. It’s not heavy. I don’t have skeletons in the closet on their way out. This is my real age, my real name, my real past, and I’m good with that.”

On Chris Brown: “I hear he has everything he could want now. I don’t want my name to be synonymous with that guy’s name. I really don’t. I wish we could sit down just like you and me are right now, and talk it out man-to-man. But that’s not going to happen. I’m not confrontational, but if someone challenges, I’m not going to back down. If I think about it too much, I feel it wrapping around my foot, like I get a feeling it could end really badly…Like, it gets really dark.”

I know the album will be amazing as all his albums are

Crazed Fan Threatens JCole Over Retweet



Cole World !

Yesterday Roc Nation’s artist J.Cole released his second studio album Born Sinner. Many fans tweet and retweet J.Cole via Twitter congratulating him on the album as well as uploading pictures of the already purchased album to show their support. It was until one fan took it to far and uploaded a picture of him pointing a gun at his little sister tweeting J.Cole saying @JColeNC retweet me and I’ll buy Born Sinner. Don’t retweet me and I’ll kill my lil sister.

Without taking the fan’s threats lightly, J.Cole immediately retweeted and wrote on his twitter wildest shit I seen on Twitter. Satisfied by the retweet the owner of the account dubbed it all as a joke. Fans and other Twitter users shot the boy all sorts of angry tweets. Since the incident, the picture has been taken down.

SMH ! Peep the tweets below

cole1 cole2