Charlamagne Tha God Black History Month Trivia


Black people just set us back 100 light years ! 

In honor of Black History Month Charlamagne Tha God took us to the streets of NYC on an episode of Charlamagne and Friends, to see how many people knew who a series of African American legends were in a few pictures. The responses from these average people in a crowded underground train station left us flabbergasted. In a society we live in today you would think the familiar faces of Rosa Parks and Malcolm X would come to the participants naturally but in this clip it proved that WE as a community need to do way BETTER !

When shown a picture of human rights activist Malcolm X to a BLACK man, he identified him as “Tookie Williams,” referring to Stanley “Tookie” Williams, one of the gang leaders of the Crips. In another clip when people were asked who Condoleezza Rice was, the majority of the people identified her as Michelle Obama. Tyler Perry’s picture seemed to come to everyone naturally but folks could not put a name to Rosa Parks or Malcolm X.

Watch the clip HERE


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