Robin Thicke And Paula Patton Call It Quits


Singer Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton are calling it quits after 9 years of marriage. “We will always love each other and be best friends,” the couple said in a statement to People that confirmed their mutual decision to separate.

The two who met when Robin was just 14, eloped in 2005 and  welcomed a baby boy, Julian Fuego in April of 2010.

During a performance in Fairfax, VA last night Robin Thicke made it clear that he is not ready to let his wife go. Before performing “Lost Without You” Thicke told the audience “For y’all that don’t know, me and my wife separated, but I’m trying to get my girl back. She’s a good woman.”

He also added

“It’s hard to say it in front of everybody,” he admitted. He then asked the crowd to help him with the next song. “If you have somebody with you tonight that you love and you appreciate, hold on tight to them. Take care of them. ‘Cause I want to dedicate this song to her. I wrote this about her and I need your help to get me through it. Let’s do it.

When you have put time into a relationship that long, its no surprise if these two will work on getting back together. We wish them well.


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