In The Run Tour Comes To HBO


If you are apart of the Beyhive community and have not purchased tickets to Mova Bey and hubby Jay-Z’s On The Run Tour, in your city then you’re in luck. The Carters are coming to HBO.  This fall HBO will air a special televised show of the concert entitled “On The Run: Jay-Z and Beyonce.”

This is  not the first time HBO has aired specials by the couple. Back in 2013 HBO preimered Beyonce’s “Life Is But A Dream” and Hov’s “Picasso Baby.” Filming of the concert will be held in Paris, where the power couple will be performing for two nights on September 12th and 13th

The “On The Run Tour” features 19 tour dates in the U.S and 2 in Paris, marking the first time Jay and Bey’s first time touring together. Over 40 songs from the two nights will be performed amongst the duo. The tour itself kicked off in Miami June 25th. Beyonce is currently being aired on HBO, “Beyonce: X10” a series of 10 performances from Bey’s “Mrs Carter Tour.”

Are you tuned in ?



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