Shad Moss Says Hes Tired Of Making Women Famous


When you are in the limelight its very hard to distinguish who wants to be your friend for who you are and its even harder when you don’t know who wants to date you for who you really are. Rapper/actor Shad Moss formley known as Bow Wow is putting his foot down in the romance department.

Earlier in the year, the 106 And Park host reportedly went public with his relationship with video model Ayshia Diaz but now that the two are broken up Shad Moss is being more selective as to who will get the D and who will get recognition on his social media pages.

Bow Wow took to his Instagram page with a picture of him and another female with a caption that stated . . .

Made too many women famous over the course of my lifetime just by being their boyfriend. Sex doesn’t secure she [is] yours. Before i put u on [Instagram] share my spotlight [with] you share my red carpet time [with] you share my d*** [with] you i gotta know you SERIOUS! I don’t want no half ass’n. F*** the p**** i want your heart and mind. Until then…. I stay to myself until i know SHE ready!

Wherever SHE is…….

He made it very clear that the next woman in his life will have to bring much more to the table than just the goods, he wants her heart and mind. Aww !

We are not even mad at Shad, hes definitely growing up !





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