Lupita Nyong’o Is Glamour Magazine’s Woman Of The Year



What a well deserving year has it been for actress Lupita Nyong’o who went from being a nobody at Yale School of Drama graduate to Academy Award winning actress. Covering December’s issue of Glamour Magazine the 31 year old actress shares her journey of fond childhood memories of playing pranks on her siblings to growing up and adjusting to the fan and fortune of her successes.

Lupita also talks about what it is like to being 1 of 7 African American woman who have won an Academy Award in the past 80 years. Revealing Oprah Winfrey as her role model and being able to end her beauty from within when the world told her she wasn’t beautiful.

Catch a few highlights from the interview after the break (click cover for full interview)

On hearing her name called at the Oscars:“I don’t think I will ever be able to really articulate how bizarre it was to hear my name at the Academy Awards. I’d watched in my pajamas the year before! I felt numb—dazed and confused. I remember feeling light—weightless. More like limbo than cloud nine.”

On life after winning an Oscar: “This is actually a conversation I look forward to having in 10 years, when all of this is behind me and I have some real perspective on what happened—because right now I’m still adjusting. I guess I feel catapulted into a different place; I have a little whiplash…. I did have a dream to be an actress, but I didn’t think about being famous. And I haven’t yet figured out how to be a celebrity; that’s something I’m learning, and I wish there were a course on how to handle it. I have to be aware that my kinesphere may be larger than I want it to be.”

On ‘The Lupita Effect’: “I’ve heard people talk about images in popular culture changing, and that makes me feel great, because it means that the little girl I was, once upon a time, has an image to instill in her that she is beautiful, that she is worthy—that she can… Until I saw people who looked like me, doing the things I wanted to, I wasn’t so sure it was a possibility. Seeing Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah in The Color Purple, it dawned on me: ‘Oh—I could be an actress!’ We plant the seed of possibility.”


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