Chance The Rapper Criticizes Plan For $95 Million Police & Fire Training Academy


Midwest Chicago native, Chance The Rapper was seen in attendance yesterday (Nov 8) at the Chicago City Council Meeting to vocally express his opinion on the development of a $95 million public safety campus in the city’s Garfield Park.

During his speech, Chance proposed Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other political leaders of the city to reconsider their objective to “transform the city without policing.” This is not the first time Chance has been a vocal advocate for fixing the budget issues in Chicago. Back in March Chance donated $1 million to Westcott Elementary School arts and after school programming, blocks away from where he grew up.

In his speech, he strongly urged members of the council to put those funds toward building other resources for public school students such as a pool, a museum, or a new library.Unfortunately Chance was outnumbered 48 to 1, the Mayor said he had no problem with Chance voicing his opinion.
He’s a great artist in Chicago. He has a lot of talent. … Chance has put his resources and his success towards investing in arts education. You know how dear that is to me….He has a view. He expressed it. He came to City Council. You can’t advocate for citizenship to be an active sport and then, when somebody is active, not be happy about it. He came here. That’s a good thing.
The meeting with the Chicago City Council over the public safety training academy comes after a review of the Department of Justice found that the police department in Chi-Town has been “responsible for the use of excessive and deadly force against people who pose no threat, use of force in health crises, exhibit racially discriminatory behavior, having officers with no accountability and who are poorly trained.” Check out his full speech from Wednesday below.

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