An Xscape Biopic Is Coming To Bravo 2018


If you’re a 90’s fan like I am then you’re in for a real treat.

Triple platinum selling girl group Xscape (Kandi Burress, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott) are making a huge comeback in the form of a biopic.

Executive producer of the Love & Hip-Hop franchise, Mona Scott-Young will be producing the highly anticipated movie, recollecting and celebrating the group’s creation.

If all of this sounds like de ja vu, TV One teamed up with rapper/producer Jermaine Dupri who has produced three of Xscape’s platinum albums, prepping to air their biopic of the group Who Can I Run To: The Xscape Story.

This original film is based on the story on of 90s R&B quartet Xscape, whose story of their rise to fame and group implosion was told on an episode of TV One’s award-winning docu-series, Unsung. Comprised of sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott, and classmates Kandi Burruss and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, the R&B quartet formed a sisterhood as strong as their sound, recording the #1 hits “Just Kickin’ It,” “Understanding” and “Who Can I Run To?” Since their breakup in 1998, attempts to reunite the group have failed with lingering bitterness and deep seeded anger playing out on public forums.

The iconic group has expressed the biopic that TV One is planning to release sometime in 2018, making it know the ladies are displeased. They stated

We are excited to join forces with Mona Scott-Young and Monami Entertainment to bring the real Xscape story to the world. This partnership will allow us to tell our story about our lives the way we lived it. It’s our truth about the rise, the fall, and the return of Xscape. We feel the recent announcement of an unauthorized biopic on our lives is disrespectful and disappointing. We are not, in any way, participating in that project and it will never ‘represent’ our true story.

TMZ, reports the movie will also drop sometime 2018 !

I can’t wait to watch it !


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