Mase & Cam’Ron Squashed The Beeef ?


As quick as Mase & Cam’ron beef started it quickly ended. For the ones who haven’t been following the story, the beef began when Mase put out  diss track to childhood friend Friday morning, entitled “The Oracle.” On the track Mase took many jabs at Cam accusing him of sleeping with hi own sister, getting jumped by his own friends in Rucker Park and declining album sales over the years of his career.

What provoked Pastor Betha to release this track ?  Well reports have been made that the beef started when Cam’Ron took to his Instagram Live and stated Mase, “took it too far” with his career as a preacher and that Mase only did that to avoid beef after being unable to handle the issues that came with his success. Cam’ron also took a jab at the rapper in his latest mix-tape “The Program” on the track called “Its Killa.”

In response to Mase’s diss track, Cam posted a picture of Mase in his element with the caption “Good morning to u to betha … lol, Let’s play n*gga … [insert kissing face emoji”


No soon as The Oracle as dropped, Cam went into the studio himself and released a diss track entitled “Dinner Time.” Produced by the Heatmakerz, Cam denies any allegations of sleeping with his sister and claims that Mase was running a ponzi scheme when he transitioned out of rap to work as a pastor also questioning his roots to Harlem.

Fast forwarding, Cam shared a screenshot of a short Twitter conversation between the two where the two kissed and made up.


Welp ! That was fun while it lasted ! Take a listen to both “The Oracle” and “Dinner Time” Below



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