Robin Roberts To Omarosa Manigault: Bye Felicia”


There had been plenty of reactions to White House aide Omarosa Manigault resignation yesterday but none was as petty as the response giving by Robin Roberts over at Good Morning America.

Robin stated, “She said she has a story to tell, I’m sure she’ll be selling that story. Bye Felicia.”

The remark comes from Omarosa’s interview with Robin’s GMA co-host Micheal Stahan, in which Omaraosa denies being fired.¬†Allegedly, the Apprentice star had to be dragged out kicking and screaming after she was handed the pink slip by chief of staff John Kelly. Omarosa says none of that is true and she actually resigned after seeing things in the administration that made her uncomfortable.

Omarosa since has responded to Robin saying to Inside Edition,”That was petty. It’s a black woman civil war.”

*Side Eyes* . . . BYE FELICIA – in the words of Robin Roberts !



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