Blac Chyna Honors Daughter Dream And Son Cairo With New Hand Tattoos

Blac Chyna Birthday Celebration And Unveiling Of Her "Chymoji" Emoji Collection

Blac Chyna just got some new ink . . .

If you were out of the loop like me, you would have thought the “Future” tattoo on Blac Chyna’s hand was fake and was only used for promo of a new video that surfaced around the time the tattoo was seen. But to MY surprise, the tattoo was indeed REAL and the rumors of her and rapper Future dating, were true.

Shortly after the short lived romance, Chyna got engaged to Rob Kardashian and together they had a baby. Sources say, Rob took Chyna to get the tattoo removed but the removal process didn’t get rid of Future’s name in its entirety. So Chyna decided to get a cover up of the left over design of her daughter’s name Dream. She also got her son King’s name in the same spot on the opposite hand.

See the pictures of before and after below





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