#BossyB is an online blog based on urban entertainment as well as fashion, love and relationships. Wanna know who’s breaking up with who, we got cha covered ! Some of the hottest interviews, pictures and first listens can be seen and heard here. Although I will be bringing you the latest “tea” this is NOT a news site. The writings of these entries are merely based on my opinions and thoughts about factual information already on the internet. Meaning I post FACTUAL GOSSIP surrounding these celebrities while bringing my own opinion and thoughts to the site. I am running this blog by myself so yes sometimes I will be late on posting an article because I have other responsibilities outside of my blog. I am in no way in shape of form a professional blogger, I have an degree in Broadcasting Telecommunications Mass Media from Temple University but my dream is to one day become a Radio/TV personality, I blog because I enjoy and love doing what I do

Your comments are greatly appreciated. Follow & re-blog ! – xoxo LeThirst

All images on this blog are readily available on various websites on the World Wide Web (the internet) and believed to be in a public domain. According to the U.S Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S Code) images posted are believed to be posted within our rights. Any image or content posted HERE on this site that you feel may infringe on your copyright, please address all concerns and or questions to us and it will be removed immediately.

Email: LethirstBiz@Gmail.com


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