Teyana Taylor Debuts Album “VII”


The wait is finally over . . . its been a long time coming  Teyana Taylor’s debut album Vll dropped today and needless to say it was worth the wait.

Some of you may remember back in back in 2007 when Teyana was featured on MTV’s
“My Super Sweet 16” and was taking under the wing of Pharrell Williams leading her to sign with his Star Trak label.  Things started off on the right track for the singer, however in 2012 the two went their separate ways and Teyana signed a deal with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music.

After a public altercation with singer Rihanna, losing her Adidas sneaker deal and ending a long term relationship with NBA baller Brandon Jennings, it’s no wonder why Tey has a lot to be thankful for.

“It’s been seven years and everything is finally coming together at once … It just reminds me of when they say God puts you through so much to get you prepared for a big blessing.”

She stated during a interview with HipHollywood.

Her 14 track album features artist such as Chris Brown, Fabolous, Pusha T  and Yo Gotti. Vll is available for purchase and can be streamed below !


New Video: Mariah Carey Featuring Trey Songz ‘You’re Mine Remix’



Mariah Carey continuously proves to us why she is the R&B Diva. After releasing her single “You’re Mine,” Mimi has put out the visuals to the remix which features the sexy topless Trey Songz who also serves as her love interest in the video.

Filmed in Puerto Rico’s El Yungue National Rain Forest, both Mimi and Trey keep is sexy yet very tasteful. During a recent interview with MTV Mariah revealed that her 1997 single “Honey,” was too filmed in the same location.

“We were in the rainforest,” Carey revealed following the premiere. “That’s the same [place], maybe a few minutes down the road, for where we shot “Honey,” and I love it because I wanted to highlight that we were in the rainforest because it’s just something we don’t see everyday.”

The single will be featured on Carey’s The Art Of Letting Go, due out May 6.

Watch below

New Video: Miley Cyru Wrecking Ball


Miley Cyrus bares it all in her video for her latest single “Wrecking Ball.” Although the video has caught a lot of backlash because the Disney star is swinging from a wrecking ball (hence the title of the song) naked she wants people to look deeper into the video.  She told MTV

“I think the video is much more, if people get past the point that I’m naked and you actually look at me you can tell that I actually look more broken then even the song sounds. The song is a pop ballad. It’s one of these songs that everyone is going to relate to, everyone has felt that feeling at one point.”

The behind the nudeness, Miley tells the story of being in a relationship where she was head over heels for her beau but now the relationship has ended she admits that she didn’t break them up it was not her that walked out and reminds him she still gonna be around.

She told her fans that she will reveal the tracklisting for her upcoming album Bangerz if the video breaks a VEVO record. Directed by famed photographer Terry Richardson the video has reached 125,722,481 views.

Ahead of her much anticipated album, Bangerz, which features Britney Spears and Big Sean, Miley Cyrus will host and perform on “Saturday Night Live” and will premiere her MTV documentary “Miley: The Movement,” on October 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Watch it all go down below.

Pusha T Announces Album Release Date



G.O.O.D rapper Pusha T has finally released the date of his upcoming album My Name Is My Name. Originally due out in July, the album will finally drop October 8th.

During his interview today with MTV’s RapFix Pusha T revealed that a good portion of production will come from Kanye West who has 5 beats on the album. Other production will come from Pharrell, Swizz Beatz, The-Dream, Nottz, and Don Cannon. Features on the album include  Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar,Future, Rick Ross, Ab-Liva, Kelly Rowland, Pharrell, The-Dream, Kanye West, Chris Brown and Young Jeezy

Will you be purchasing ?


MTV 2013 VMA’s Seating Arrangement



Where will you be sitting for this years MTV 2013 Video Music Awards ? 

If your watching from the comfort of your home like me , hi5 ! (One day i’ll be sitting in the audience next to some big names !) We got a sneak peek of which of your favorite celebs will be sitting where this Sunday at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn,NY. Everybody who is somebody will be in MY hometown of NYC for the VMA’s.

As bad as everyone want to see two sexy females go at it, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga will be sitting next to one another this year. The two are also set to perform their singles “Applause” and “Roar.”

Kanye West and Justin Timberlake will be getting cozy next to one another as well as Robin Thicke who is rubbing elbows with Miley Cyrus in front of Pharrell Williams and T.I.

Check out photos of the seating arrangement after the jump below . .

And of course dont forget to watch the VMA’s this Sunday August 25th, 8PM Est Live from The Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY.  (more…)

Foxy Brown Clears The Air On All Rumors With Jay-Z, Lil Kim, Hair Weave & More



Brooklyn native rapper Foxy Brown cant seem to catch a break this year. Despite not putting out new music in the last 5 years Foxy’s name seem to be all over the blogs. Things got emotional for the rapper when she stopped by MTV’s RapFix Live and did a interview with Sway. Rumors from Jay-Z giving her an STD to the most recent rumor of her stealing $900 worth of weave.

With all the rumors on the internet and blogs with no validity, Foxy Brown admits that she misses the days of Wendy Williams when there was actually some truth to what she was reporting.

Catch a few highlights from the interview below

On the rumor that she accused Jay Z of giving her an STD when she was 14
Keep in mind that this wasn’t in Time Magazine, Daily News, People, XXL–it was an article. An anonymous blogger who can be somebody from Wisconsin named Joe Sho Midget. First of all, anybody that knows me, knows that my mom is an educator. The way I speak alone, my diction alone negates everything. That’s not even how I speak. Two, anybody that knows me knows how much I love Jay period. Have you ever heard Foxy dissing Jay Z or Jay Z dissing Foxy ever? So we are gonna wait 15 years later and start calling people out of the blue? Horrible things were said. [A blogger can say anything and people believe it!]

Was I shocked when Jay said the line [I never stuck my cock in the Fox box] in ‘Picasso Baby’?, Yes. We have a history that supersedes music. We sit back and we laugh at those rumors. I think he began to feel the pressure because people were saying my age. She was 15 and 14 and after a while that gets to a person. The Jay I know, the Shawn I know, never comes out of character and that’s my point. I think that’s where the tears came from earlier because people don’t understand that it does affect people more than you think.