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New Music: Miguel Cant Sleep Together


Miguel has teamed up with Adult Swim Single Program which features other artist like Dan Deacon and Andy Stott, to Lil’ B and Killer Mike.

The single tells the tale of a couple who obviously can’t sleep so Miguel suggest that they keep each other company. It’s 3 A.M and only one thing is on his mind while reruns of Fresh Prince plays on his television set and it sure isn’t sleep. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

Listen below

New Music: Travie McCoy Feat Jason Marz Rough Water


Gym Class Heroes’ own Travie McCoy went solo again on his latest single “Rough Water.” In 2010 the lead singer of GCH, debuted his first solo album Lazurus which the platinum hit “Billionaire” featuring Bruno Mars originated from.

“Rough Water” features Jason Marz is produced by Benny Blanco and will be featured on Travie’s upcoming album due out 2014.

Listen to the track below

New Music: The LOX The Summer’s Too Hot


Tis the season to reunions !

Goodiemob took us all back as they surprised us with an new album entitled Age Against The Machine, the trio sans Left Eye, TLC came back and hit the stage at the “Mixtape Festival,” last week Danity Kane reunited at the MTV 2013 VMAs and now The Lox make their long awaited return ending the summer with a new single “The Summers Too Hot.” The three men, Sheek Louch, Styles P, and Jadakiss are gearing up for their first album in 13 years We Are The Streets 2.

Take a listen to “The Summers Too Hot” below produced by Scram Jones

New Music: Alicia Keys Feat Maxwell – Fire We Make


Alicia Keys bring us this sexy, hot and steamy video from her newest song “Fire We Make” which features Maxwell. This is the type of music grown folks listen to.

The setting of the video is set at a boarding house in which AKeys works at along with her momma in New Orleans. Maxwell plays the leading man who is also a guest in the boarding house. Maxwell is a traveling singer who needs a place to crash for the night. As soon as Alicia lays eyes on him she instantly falls in love. The time period is not disclosed but from the visuals and vintage photographs we can guess about the 60’s. Directed by Chris Robinson the two worked with one another before as he directed past videos such as “Fallin”, “Karma” and “Superwoman” to name a few.

Watch the video below

New Music: Janelle Monae Featuring Erykah Badu – Q.U.E.E.N


Janelle Monae teamed up with Erykah Badu and released a new single off of Janelle’s upcoming album, The Electric Lady.

The song “Q.U.E.E.N” was inspired by a conversation the two were having. It deals with females throwing shade towards one another (which we do !) how women are perceived in the media and music as well as how we perceive ourselves to be.

Janelle Monae took her twitter to promote the single writing “JAM. DANCE. FUNK OUT. Listen in the car. dialogue later.”

Listen to the song below

Lauryn Hill 2 Week Notice On Tax Bill


Ya might win some but you . . .never mind

If your wondering why has not put out any new music in YEARS it could possibly because of tax issues Ms.Hill is facing.

Last year Lauryn Hill pleaded guilty to failing to pay restitution for the $1.8 million that she owed in taxes from 2005-2007. In June of 2012 she was arrested and released promising to pay the $554,000 in restitution but since then has only paid $50,000. When questioned why she has missed out on payments Lauryn said because of manipulation and threats she has displaced herself away from society.

While in court, she pleaded guilty to the tax evasion charged and revealed that after signing a million dollar contract with Sony, she would be getting a loan of $650,000 to pay of everything. Unfortunately it fell unto deaf ears as U.S Magistrte Judge Madeline Cox Arleo postponed sentencing until May 6.

“This is not someone who stands before the court penniless. This is a criminal matter. Actions speak louder than words, and there has been no effort here to pay these taxes”

If convicted Lauryn Hill could be facing up to 36 months behind bars. On a lighter note Lauryn Hill will more than likely pay her debt off and if you didn’t catch it a record deal with Sony means new music is in the works !

For now, enjoy this throwback