Lil Mama Joins Tboz & Chilli For A Performance At Mixtape Festival



The remaining members of TLC took the stage at as part of Mixtape Festival in Hershey Park, PA last weekend. Performing some go their greatest hits which included “Baby, Baby, Baby,” “Waterfalls” and “No Scrubs.” To fill in for the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, T-boz and Chilli brought out Lil Mama, who plays Left Eye in the forthcoming VH1 biopic film CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. 

The group members performed “Waterfalls” and dedicated it to Left Eye “This song was true and dear to her heart and I’m sure it means a lot to you guys,” Chilli told the crowd before the song. “If you have a lighter or a cell phone, iPads, computers, whatever you got, light it up.”  If you remember back in June, Left Eye’s family were in a uproar about the 20th anniversary remix of “Waterfalls” where Japanese singer Name Amuro rapped Left Eye’s verse.

TLC will release a greatest hits album on October 15 on LaFace/Epic Records which will include four new songs, and features from Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo, Dallas Austin, and Lil Mama.

On October 21, VH1 will premiere the made-for-TV movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story starring KeKe Palmer as Chilli, Drew Sidora as T-Boz, and Lil Mama as Left Eye.

Watch as Lil Mama joins the duo



TBoz & Chilli Remakes Waterfalls Without Left Eye



Looks like T-Boz & Chilli are stirring up a bit of a controversy with the idea of releasing a 20th anniversary remake for their hit song Waterfalls minus Left Eyes’s rap. The rappers verse has been replaced by a Japanese pop artist by the name of Namie Amuro. To say the least TLC fans are not to happy about taking the rapper off the track.

Left Eye’s sister Reigndrop Lopes displayed her disappointment saying once again she was not informed that the girls were doing a remake sans Left Eye.

I did not know about it until a fan posted it online. I mean it would have been nice if they would have given us a heads up before being surprised.

T-Boz and Chilli spoke out about the remake and revealed that it was their intentions to drop Left Eye from the track but because of legal matters the duo were forced to.

We don’t own the master recording rights to Lisa’s raps on any of our music, and our requests to gain the rights so far have been denied. With the Japanese anniversary edition, we were forced to use creative ways to honor Lisa’s memory and celebrate this milestone with our fans

Everyones favorite part of the song seemed to be Left Eye’s rap. Listen to the remake below

Lil Mama Says She Wants Nicki Minaj To Embrace Female Rappers




Seems like 2013 might just be Lil Mama’s year. With her role in the TLC upcoming biopic and new reality TV show Hip Hop Sisters Lil Mama is doing her thang !

In efforts to promote both the film and reality show Lil Mama sat down with The Hollie Wood & Friends Show on Blogtalk Radio. During the interview Lil Mama discussed auditioning for the film and how she got the part as well as MC Lyte serving as her mentor and of course she talked about other females rappers in the game.

Here are some excerpts from the interview

How did the Left-Eye role come about?
I definitely had to audition, I heard about it through my uncle when I came back home to NY. He asked if I was going to audition. When he was saying TLC, I’m thinking the channel TLC, ‘like what are you talking about.’

I got in touch with [MC] Lyte but she didn’t really know who was doing it, so she called some people, they called some other people and long story short, my boy Claude Brooks, he hooked me up with casting and then they gave me the run around. I had like three or four auditions but just trying to get into the first one was like trying to get into Madison Square Garden while Jay-Z is performing.

Once I got through the first audition, I could tell they loved me because they called me back to every audition afterwards, which were about three auditions. I just stayed humble; I went through the ropes, read my script. It was one day I read three pages and then the day before they would send me ten more pages then 13 pages and I just had to be ready. I think the key to it all was just being ready. They wanted to know could she be ready. ‘If we are off set and I give her three pages and then I say 13 pages, will she be able to pull it off ?,’ and I was able to pull it off and I was very honored to get that part.

Best advise MC Lyte has giving her: To love my Hip Hop sisters no matter who they are no matter what walk of life they come from …to love people .. no matter their message is everybody has a story and they are coming from a place whether you agree with their story or not it is what it is for them and you gotta learn to love each other for who we are and we will be able to grow as a community.

On Nicki Minaj:It’s a lot of underground women who are trying to break through, but on a mainstream level the only person that I really hear on radio is Nicki Minaj. A lot of times I hear her say, “I do this for women” and “I’m doing this for all of us” while she’s accepting a BET Award, but other than that I don’t see her putting any other women on. I don’t see her on tracks with other women that are current. I don’t see her embracing any other women. I feel like its time for female MC’s to really start sticking together and start putting out some music.


Listen to the rest of the interview below

Left Eye Lisa Lopes Sister Speaks Out On Biopic Says Her Family Was Never Consulted About The Film


You would think in this day and age with technology being so relevant in our society communication would be a little less harder. According to Reigndrop Lopes, sister of Lisa Lopes (former member of R&B group TLC) her nor her family was ever informed that there was going to be a biopic of TLC (Crazy, Sexy Cool: The TLC Story) scheduled to air this November on VH1.

Reigndrop Lopes and former personal assistant Stephanie Daytona sat down with Mara The Hip-Hop Socialite of 4UMF, and dished out on not being consulted about the film, Lil Mama being cast as Left Eye and Chilli and  TBoz’s  relationship with Left Eye.

Check out excerpts from the interview below

On not being consulted about the film:

We didn’t even know when they were shooting. The only way I found out was because a friend of mine was cast as an extra and flew down here, and I happened to go up there with her. We didn’t know anything at all.

She [Left Eye’s mom] was hurt, she was pissed off, and hurt more than anything, but it’s like what can we do? Legally, I don’t think we can do anything, but it’s just more morally, why wouldn’t you involve the family? We’re right here in Atlanta, and we’re open to being involved. And when you don’t reach out, it makes you wonder why, question why. We don’t know why. -Reigndrop Lopes
On Lil’ Mama playing her sister:

Well number one, I would have liked to be told before the whole world knew. We found out online from the fans. My initial reaction was I was kind of in the middle. I didn’t know her to be an actor, and I didn’t know how well she would do portraying Lisa, so I really didn’t know how to feel. I actually got the chance to go up to the set one time, and I did see her doing some of her scenes, and it looked pretty good to me, and I was actually surprised. I told her that she was doing a good job. So hopefully, all the scenes are like that. She’s a really big fan, so I think it’s important to her to portray Lisa the right way even if some of the stuff in the script isn’t really accurate. I know it’s important for her to really bring out who Lisa was as a fan.

Left Eye’s former personal assistant, Stephanie Dayton, reflects on the infamous car accident that took Left Eye’s life:

I was in the driver’s seat getting ready to leave, and then she came and caught me as we were pulling off and told me she wanted me to take another vehicle and to run some errands and meet her later at a photo shoot. And that’s when she got behind the wheel, and drove that vehicle, and within moments, had passed.

Stephanie on Left Eye’s relationship with T-Boz and Chilli at the time of her death:

I think as with any relationship between females, there’s going to be some tension in some areas because you’re dealing with conflicting personalities. So I think it’s like with any friendship or sisterhood, there were good things that happened, there were not-so-good things that happened. At that particular time, she was in the process of renegotiating the contract with TLC. So a lot of their communication was based on business, trying to hash out the contract. They had some things that they thought differently as far as the contract was concerned, but they were working through it. So I mean, I’m not really sure how to answer that. I think it’s expected that you go through those when you’re dealing with one contract and multiple people having to approve that contract. So I think it was pretty standard what they were going through.

I know for a fact she was in a good place with Tionne ’cause she went to see her before she left, but Chilli, I’m not sure. I just know that she never got a chance to see Chilli, or Chilli never got a chance to see Lisa before she left. I really don’t know what their last interaction was.

The bigger question is, who do we hold responsible for this? TBoz & Chilli or VH1 ?


TLC Biopic Official Cast First Look


VH1 has officially released the promo pic of  their cast for the upcoming TLC Biopic. As much as people didn’t think Keke Palmer could not pull off portraying Chilli she as well as Lil Mama (Lisa Left Eye Lopes) and Drew Sidora (Tionne TBoz Watkins) did a hell of a job.

The actual movie Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story is not due out until November but the girls have been training and working hard.

VH1 released a statement along with the picture

“With this cast, we are thrilled with the talent assembled both in front of and behind the cameras,” stated Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production, VH1. “TLC are truly music pioneers and this movie is a fantastic way to expand our scripted push by combining our audience’s passion for music with their love of story. We know our viewers will be eager to go beyond the headlines and into the surprisingly personal, never before told stories of these groundbreaking women.”


Keke Palmer Chillin With Chilli


Ever since talks about VH1 airing a biographic film of the phenomenal R&B group TLC which stars actress/singer Keke Palmer to play Chilli, Hip Hop artist Lil Mama as T-Boz and Drew Sidora as Left Eye, Keke has been getting a lot of negative feedback on her role as Chilli. Some people feel as though Keke Palmer does not fit the role because she looks nothing like Chilli. *Raises eyebrow* Others have continuously made ignorant comments saying Keke does not have “good hair” as Chilli appears to have. Good hair ? Really ? Smh. I Digress. These comment didn’t sit to well with Keke, she took her twitter account and went innnn !

“People kill me, I don’t remember Angela Bassett looking ANYTHING like Tina Turner. And she RIPPED that role, ? People need to realize hat movies aren’t casted by people looking like who they’re playing. They’re casted by who can do the role. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather see a movie that is well acted, then a movie with a bunch of look a like’s. Cause Ben Affleck isn’t even Hispanic, but the man he played in Argo IS. I shouldn’t play the part because my baby hair isn’t the perfect texture?. Goodnight Twitter, goodnight.”

Despite all of the hate, last weekend Keke Palmer and T-Boz were seen hanging out on the set of the film. Chilli and T-Boz serve as mentors for the film, as it is currently being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.