2 Chainz Arrested During Tour Bus Drug Search in Oklahoma City



2 Chainz was arrested last night but since has been released.

According to TMZ, the police initially pulled the bus over for a broken taillight and noticed signs of drug use on the vehicle. Before entering the bus, the driver locked them out and insisted they obtain a warrant first. After obtaining the warrant, police arrested 11 passengers, including 2 Chainz. Although 2 Chainz is a free man, seven of the individuals could be facing misdemeanor charges for interfering with official process.

Despite this minor setback, 2 Chainz confirmed that he is still performing at the MTV 2013 VMA’s.

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Nicki Minaj Goes In On Rapper Ransom



Nicki Minaj is not here for the ghostwriting insinuations !

Nicki was approached by paparazzi as she was seen leaving the Supper Club in Hollywood as one of the cameramen caught her off guard asking her about ghostwriting comments New Jersey rapper Ransom had made in his latest song “Man Alone.” Apparently Nicki was unaware of the comment on the song and went in

I rap better than him, who the f-ck is he? I’m not even a man and n-ccas got a d-ck in their mouth. Get the f-ck out of here! Are you serious? I’m undisputed because I’m the only female rapper-day one-I don’t need no muthaf-ckin’ ghostwriter so if you are telling that lie you must be real desperate and you still ain’t gonna pop, how about that. How a wack n-cca gonna write my sh-t. I haven’t even heard about that in the last five years. I slaughter these n-ggas, PERIOD!


Keyshia Cole’s Husband Daniel Gibson Arrested For Battery & Assault



Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, NBA baller and husband of Keyshia Cole, just turned himself in to the New Orleans Police Department and charged with second-degree battery and assault.

Details of what exactly happened are unclear but the 27 year old Cleveland Cavaliers player did call in to TMZ and revealed that a man approached Keyshia at the Essence Music Fest earlier this month and yelled some inappropriate comments towards her, so he took matters into his own hands.

Boobie released this statement

Earlier this month during the Essence Music Festival, I was involved in an incident with other individuals while I was out with my wife. It’s unfortunate that some see opportunity in taking advantage of people who work hard for what they have achieved. Once all the facts of the incident come out, I expect to be fully vindicated.

Well, hopefully everything works out for him !

Chris Brown Probation Revoked



Back in May a woman came forward saying that singer Chris Brown had hit her and ran. Although Chris said that that was never the case and he in fact gave the woman the correct information and stayed at the scene until the situation was resolved someway somehow he ended up in court.

On Monday Chris had his probation revoked in connection with the incident. According to TMZ, Breezy was in court in Los Angeles Monday to fight the motion to revoke his probation, which stems from his assault on Rihanna back in 2009. Luckily for CB he was not arrested but could face up to 4 years in prison if the judge determines he violated parole during the hit and run incident.

Chris’ album “X” was set to hit stores July 16, but has been pushed back until further notice.

Kanye West Spazzes On Paparazzi At LAX



You would think by now the Paparazzi would learn to leave Kanye West alone, but you gon learn today ! A reporter from TMZ pressed Kanye West as he arrived at LAX where he proceeded to give Kanye props for his music. Yeezy instantly became annoyed as he put his hand over the camera cutting the cameraman off mid-sentence thanking him for the support but advising him no to speak to him or speak to anyone he knows for that matter.

Apparently Ye’s request went unheard as the camera man still rambled on forcing Ye to launch at him.

Did Kanye West take it to far or should the cameraman have respected his wishes ?

Watch it all unfold below

2 Chainz Claimed He Was Not Robbed Video Footage Says Otherwise



Earlier this week, 2 Chainz made headlines after wind got out that the rapper had been robbed while he was in San Francisco scheduled to perform at Summer Jam.

2 Chainz took his Twitter to put the rumors to rest about the robbery, until good ole TMZ got hold of video footage of what looks a lot like 2 Chainz being ran up on by two local men with guns in broad daylight, before fleeing the scene on foot. It is not clear whether or not a robbery actually took place but from the surveillance video you can put two and two together.

Thank GOD no one actually got hurt and where the hell was security ?!

Peep 2 Chainz Twitter account as well as the video footage below