K Michelle Bears It All On Album Cover & Reveals Tracklist


With K.Michelle’s new reality show “K.Michelle: My Life,” set to air tonight at 9 P.M on VH1 along with the video for “Love Em All,” the R&B songstress reveals it ALL on her album cover while revealing the official artwork for her sophomore album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart. 

The album is due out on December 9th following up her 2013 debut album Rebellious Soul. The 12 track album has no features listed as of now but K Michelle has been teasing her fans with a surprise track when pre-ordered on iTunes.

Will you be watching tonight ? Check out track list belwow

AWBAH Tracklisting

1. “Judge Me”
2. “Love ‘Em All”
3. “Going Under”
4. “Cry”
5. “How Do You Know?”
6. “Hard to Do”
7. “Maybe I Should Call”
8. “Something About the Night”
9. “Miss You, Goodbye”
10. “Build a Man Intro / Build a Man”
11. “Drake Would Love Me”
12. “God I Get It”


Aaliyah Biopic Gets New Actress And Surprise Executive Producer

AaliyahIt looks like there will be a Aaliyah biopic after all !

After actress Zendaya Coleman dropped out of the movie a few weeks back due to production issues, Lifetime has quickly found someone to replace her. Actress Alexandra Shipp who has appeared on a few of Nick’s shows and will be the star of VH1’s Drumline sequel coming this fall, will now take the lead role as Aaliyah.

Surprisingly, talk show host Wendy Williams will also step in as executive producer of the biopic.

Filming of the biopic will begin this month and set to air on TV end of the year on schedule.

K Michelle New VH1’s Reality Show



Speculations had been circulating of K.Michelle getting her own reality show on VH1 and finally the rumors can be put to rest.

After making a name for herself on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and New York, the Atlanta native will be premiering her spin off show “K. Michelle: My Life” coming later on in the year.

The show will be focusing on K recording her sophomore album and will be airing November 3.

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New Mixtape: K. Michelle ‘Still No F-cks Given’



Just in time for Valentine’s Day singer and reality star K. Michelle gives her fans a extra special treat, dropping her mixtape Still No F-cks Given. Hosted by DJ Sense, Still No F-cks Given is the sequel to 2012′s 0 Fucks Given, the mixtape includes 26 tracks in which the singer remixes Frank Ocean’s “We All Try” and Tamar Braxton’s “She Can Have You.”

K. Michelle will be joining Robin Thicke on tour beginning February 21st kicking off in Atlanta. The songstress is also gearing up for her new reality series “No New Friends” airing on VH1 which she has already begun filming.

Go head K !

Download the free mixtape here 


Left Eye Lisa Lopes Sister Speaks Out On Biopic Says Her Family Was Never Consulted About The Film


You would think in this day and age with technology being so relevant in our society communication would be a little less harder. According to Reigndrop Lopes, sister of Lisa Lopes (former member of R&B group TLC) her nor her family was ever informed that there was going to be a biopic of TLC (Crazy, Sexy Cool: The TLC Story) scheduled to air this November on VH1.

Reigndrop Lopes and former personal assistant Stephanie Daytona sat down with Mara The Hip-Hop Socialite of 4UMF, and dished out on not being consulted about the film, Lil Mama being cast as Left Eye and Chilli and  TBoz’s  relationship with Left Eye.

Check out excerpts from the interview below

On not being consulted about the film:

We didn’t even know when they were shooting. The only way I found out was because a friend of mine was cast as an extra and flew down here, and I happened to go up there with her. We didn’t know anything at all.

She [Left Eye’s mom] was hurt, she was pissed off, and hurt more than anything, but it’s like what can we do? Legally, I don’t think we can do anything, but it’s just more morally, why wouldn’t you involve the family? We’re right here in Atlanta, and we’re open to being involved. And when you don’t reach out, it makes you wonder why, question why. We don’t know why. -Reigndrop Lopes
On Lil’ Mama playing her sister:

Well number one, I would have liked to be told before the whole world knew. We found out online from the fans. My initial reaction was I was kind of in the middle. I didn’t know her to be an actor, and I didn’t know how well she would do portraying Lisa, so I really didn’t know how to feel. I actually got the chance to go up to the set one time, and I did see her doing some of her scenes, and it looked pretty good to me, and I was actually surprised. I told her that she was doing a good job. So hopefully, all the scenes are like that. She’s a really big fan, so I think it’s important to her to portray Lisa the right way even if some of the stuff in the script isn’t really accurate. I know it’s important for her to really bring out who Lisa was as a fan.

Left Eye’s former personal assistant, Stephanie Dayton, reflects on the infamous car accident that took Left Eye’s life:

I was in the driver’s seat getting ready to leave, and then she came and caught me as we were pulling off and told me she wanted me to take another vehicle and to run some errands and meet her later at a photo shoot. And that’s when she got behind the wheel, and drove that vehicle, and within moments, had passed.

Stephanie on Left Eye’s relationship with T-Boz and Chilli at the time of her death:

I think as with any relationship between females, there’s going to be some tension in some areas because you’re dealing with conflicting personalities. So I think it’s like with any friendship or sisterhood, there were good things that happened, there were not-so-good things that happened. At that particular time, she was in the process of renegotiating the contract with TLC. So a lot of their communication was based on business, trying to hash out the contract. They had some things that they thought differently as far as the contract was concerned, but they were working through it. So I mean, I’m not really sure how to answer that. I think it’s expected that you go through those when you’re dealing with one contract and multiple people having to approve that contract. So I think it was pretty standard what they were going through.

I know for a fact she was in a good place with Tionne ’cause she went to see her before she left, but Chilli, I’m not sure. I just know that she never got a chance to see Chilli, or Chilli never got a chance to see Lisa before she left. I really don’t know what their last interaction was.

The bigger question is, who do we hold responsible for this? TBoz & Chilli or VH1 ?


In Case You Missed It Love And Hip Hop NY Reunion Part 1


Its never a dull moment on the Love and Hip Hop reunions and last night was no different. Somethings we already knew and others might come as a surprise.

I’m going to let you guys watch it for yourself but in a nutshell lets just say Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz might still have some unfinished business to handle. Joe Budden and Kaylin have called it quits and Tahiry and Joe may have rekindled their relationship, but its evident that Joe and Kaylin are still intimate with one another. Olivia’s new hair style is LAIIIDDDD and Yandy is STILL handing these females the business and snatching wigs real classy like ! I wont spoil it all, watch below to see which cast member is expecting and to hear what Rashidah said Mandeecees was lacking. You’ll also have to catch part 2 on VH1 next week as always to see how the rest of the reunion unfolds. For now catch part 1 below.

Love and Hip Hop Reunion Part 1 Full Episode