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Aaliyah Biopic Gets New Actress And Surprise Executive Producer

AaliyahIt looks like there will be a Aaliyah biopic after all !

After actress Zendaya Coleman dropped out of the movie a few weeks back due to production issues, Lifetime has quickly found someone to replace her. Actress Alexandra Shipp who has appeared on a few of Nick’s shows and will be the star of VH1’s Drumline sequel coming this fall, will now take the lead role as Aaliyah.

Surprisingly, talk show host Wendy Williams will also step in as executive producer of the biopic.

Filming of the biopic will begin this month and set to air on TV end of the year on schedule.

Wendy Williams Wig Collection


Wendy Williams is not ashamed of her extensive collection of wigs and will be the first to tell you about it. She has openly expressed her love for her wigs and weaves throughout the years and even went as far as using one wig as a storage spot for her notes on her show. Yes I’ve seen Wendy Williams pull out notes from her wig.

This fall the self proclaimed “wigologist” debuts her new wig line “Wendy Williams Hair World” on Unlike other wig collections, Wendy Williams Hair World is intended for women of all ethnicities and includes style options for every skin color, personal style and preference.

As many people do not know, Wendy Williams suffers from thyroid disease which causes her hair to thin. So instead of hiding behind wigs Wendy believes that wigs should be for enhancement and not a coverup.  Read the rest of this entry

K.Michelle Performs On The Wendy Williams Show



In case you missed it . . .

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s star K.Michelle stopped by the Wendy Williams Show earlier this week to promote her upcoming album Rebellious Soul. The songstress hit the stage to perform “V.S.O.P” and briefly after Wendy and K.Michelle chatted and K revealed she will be leaving LAHH and she is dating 22 year old NBA Indiana Pacer point guard, Lance Stephenson. However K.Michelle is not done with the TV screen yet, she will be debuting her own show in the near future.



K.Michelle and boo Lance Stephenson pictured above

Watch K.Michelle perform V.S.O.P below


Wendy Williams Shows Off Weight Loss


If you’ve noticed something noticeably different about daytime talk show host Wendy Williams you eyes were not playing tricks, the Queen of gossip has shredded 20lbs over the last few months with changing her eating habits and exercise.

Wendy discussed in her interview with OK magazine what she eats to maintain her weight, how she lost the weight and tips for busy moms who cant hit the gym as often as they would like.

On how much weight she lost
I lost 20 lbs and I lost the weight by doing a little bit of modification to my everyday lifestyle including diet and exercise. I go to the gym and work out with a trainer for one hour, twice a week. I don’t work out anymore than I used to. I incorporate Pilates into my workout now, which I’ve been doing all along also.

On what she eats to maintain her weight
I’ve modified some of the things in my diet. My drink of choice has always been water, I put a little Crystal Light in it. I still treat myself to a little Diet soda every now and again. I don’t include any cheese in my diet. Cheese is my weakness. My favorite snack is cheese and crackers. They are a ‘sometimes thing’, not an ‘every day thing’. I also love my trainer who has a private studio so I can let myself go when I’m with her.

I’ve substituted a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard to just all mayonnaise in things like tuna fish. I also remove the top bun whenever I’m eating something. Whether it’s a burger…always take off the top bun or I’ll wrap it in the full lettuce. I no longer use salad dressing where I drench my salad in dressing. Because even diet dressing isn’t good for you. Now I always keep red wine vinegar around and I don’t need the oil part. I pour the vinegar on the salad with only a little bit of salad dressing. I eat the same thing for breakfast every single day. Egg whites and green peppers and I like them crunchy.

On whether she finds it challenging to maintain her current weight
I’m 48-years-old and I’m preparing myself for my 50th birthday. I’ve always heard that when you hit these milestone birthdays, there’s one of two ways that people act. They either get really depressed or really happy with where they are in life. I’ve been very happy with my personal life and my career life. I maintain it by other people’s encouragement of my body. I want to look HOT at 50! I allow myself treats without over-indulging.

On advice for busy moms
There are exercises that you can do without going to the gym. For instance, you can do chair dips at the office. You must make time to do these things and put them in your schedule. It’s a must!
Catch the video below for Wendy’s weight loss tips



Seems like Keyshia Cole is not the only one not here for Beyonce’s new single
Bow Down/ I Been On.” If you have yet to hear the song please by all means , stop reading this and go listen below.
Everybody seems to be talking about this song that was released over the weekend. Some feel as though Beyonce was just standing up for women saying women need to stick together because we Run The World, then 2 years later do a track degrading the women empowerment calling females b-tches asking them to Bow Down To Her Because She Been On. Rush Limburg took his thoughts to his radio show saying since Beyonce married Jay Z she has shelved Beyonce.

[Destiny’s Child] songs were attempts to inspire young women not to take any grief from men. She’s done a 180. Beyoncé, now having been married, having been impregnated and giving birth to Blue Ivy…she’s got a new song, ‘Bow, Down Bitches’… Beyoncé is now saying, ‘Go ahead and put up with it!’”

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Aunt Viv Vs Wendy Williams Round 2


Uh Oh ! Wendy Williams and Janet Hubert Aka Aunt Viv
are at it again. Last year during the grieving of late Whitney Houston
Aunt Viv had to go off on Wendy Williams claiming that for many of years
Wendy slaughtered Whitney Houston on her radio show
(Remember the infamous call Whitney made to The Wendy Williams Show?)
but remorsefully crying when she passed away.
Aunt Viv got riled up after her co star on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Aire
Tatyana Ali made a guest appearance on The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week.
Wendy decided to drill Tayana Ali (as she do ALL of her guest) with fun topics
about her personal life on men and sex, Wendy however got serious
and asked what really happened to the original Aunt Viv and why
was she eventually replaced. Janet Hubert decided to take matters into
her own hands, logging on her Twitter account
addressing Wendy Williams Personally.

If you want to know something about me, or anything about my life, why not go to the horses mouth instead of being a horse’s ass and going to someone who was a little girl at the time, Wiggy Williams? How you doin!! Just saying it like I mean it sistergirl

As if 140 characters was not enough for Aunt Viv.
She took things a little futher going on her Blog Talk Radio show reading an open letter

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